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We are Berta Landscaping....

Berta Landscaping is a full-service property maintenance company located in Toronto, Ontario. We service both commercial and residential properties. We are comprised of a group of highly skilled landscape and construction professionals who are committed to a high degree of attention-to-detail and customer satisfaction. Our employees take pride in each and every property they service, and it shows in our reputation within the community. Given our 20+ years of experience, we are certain we have the skills needed to exceed your expectations!


Berta Landscaping is passionate about property maintenance, it’s not just a job for us. At Berta we pride ourselves on being able to meet the specific and unique needs of each customer and property management team. Berta Landscaping is dedicated to progressive growth. We help our Property Management teams maintain the appearance of their properties and keep up their valued images by striving to provide quality and efficient service

Berta is passionate about improving our environment! We have made a commitment to implement more green practices in both our office and work space. Our initial approach is called green light, with a commitment to transitioning to a complete green strategy within the next five years. We have been testing eco-friendly equipment. Adding battery powered riding mowers, push mowers, trimmers, chainsaws and hedgers to our collection. We are eager to convert all our equipment into electric within the next 2 years.  


Your business is important to us. A vibrant and well-groomed exterior allows your business to make a great first impression. Through quality and efficient service, we create relationships with our clients to bring their visions to life creating a beautiful functional landscape they can be proud of. 

Excellent customer service makes the difference when it comes to a good business, and a great business. We believe in open communication and accountability, and we’ll make sure to always honour our contract and that your needs are being looked after. We have the flexibility to meet the needs of every individual customer.

As a full-service property maintenance company, Berta guarantees the needs of your property are being taken care of to the highest standard


See for yourself the Berta Landscaping difference. 

Quality work, competitive prices and commitment to client satisfaction.


Berta Landscaping is an ever-growing company and always hiring motivated landscape professionals.
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